Joined as a Software Engineer in January 2020, worked on Messenger Privacy for 1.5 years building a private-logging framework. I worked on Instagram Privacy for over a year to build technical safeguards and on data lineage so that we can better understand the type of that data flows through internal systems. I was promoted twice during my time at the company with Greatly Exceeds rating for the depth of my technical work and direction setting on the team, I became a Senior Software Engineer within two years.

Besides my technical work, I was involved in the Muslim@ ERG and engaged in diversity and inclusion efforts at the company. I was a member of the Instagram Multicultural Taskforce and contributed to the Managed Partner set for the Reels launch to elevate diverse voices within the product. I also participated in the Global Summer Hackathon to build products for Racial Justice and built a feature to leverage FB Live and allow individuals to submit incident reports to elected officials (my team received the People's Choice Award).

In early 2020, I supported the creation of the first faith based features on the platform for the Muslim community through the development of Quick Comments before the month of Ramadan. Once the Faith team was established, I joined them for six weeks in 2021 to build a feature to enable fundraising within Facebook events in collaboration with the Charitable Giving team. Also supported partnerships and coordinated efforts between Meta and the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) to send 300 live-streaming cameras to mosques across the country