Ma'wa Collective

In February 2023, I founded Ma'wa as a means to provide more opportunities and experiences for Muslim women to be outdoors. I've led trips for groups of 20+ women across the United States and manage our online platform to share the stories of inspiring and accomplished women in this space.

Muslim Women in Tech

In September 2018, I established Muslim Women in Tech (MWIT) to create a community for women to connect with and learn from. Since then, we've facilitated mentorship programs, hosted in-person meetups, provided a scholarship for one of our members to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in 2019. It started as a Facebook group and has grown to over 2500+ members, our overall goal is to cultivate a tight-knit group to empower and support Muslim women within this field of work and study.

SF Muslim Runnning Club

In February 2022, I moved back to San Francisco in our post-pandemic world and had picked up running as a hobby. As I was training for long-distance races, I wanted to bring together active Muslims across the Bay Area and created the second national Muslim running club, SFMRC. We were registered as a club with the SF Marathon in July 22 and had over 40 members participating in races from the 5k to the full-marathon.